The United States 8 to 0 victory over the Canadian classic quarter-finals

The United States pitcher Duffy (DannyDuffy) the main cast 4 Bureau Biao 7 times the three vibrations, the complete blockade of Canadian firepower, the US pitcher group forces soared 15 times the strikeout, write a single field record, Plus Arenado, and Posey all hit a home run, the United States ended to 8-0 out of Canada, but also to 2 wins and 1 defeat to the top 8.
The United States, who had been deflected by Dominica, today (13) left all the grievances in Canada and showed strong fire in the second half of the game. The royal gun, Eric Hosmer, worked hard.
“The second runner is also back,” said Hosmer, who played two points in the United States.
The US team in this half a breath to play a full round, with three hits and 4 Paul attack 3 points.
2 Bureau of the second half of the United States continued to heat the heat, AdamJones and ChristianYelich continuous hits, then Rocky heavy gun NolanArenado again a heavy injury, completely opened than the number.
The ball is anchored: “Arenado is a solid outfielder and retreated to the wall.
The United States and then attack a 4-point overall, and soon made a 7-point lead, the royal family trump card pitcher DannyDuffy, the game cast 4 games did not lose points, but also cast up to 7 times the vibration, the performance is still sound,
“Duffy casts again.”
7 Bureau of the second half BusterPosey hit his first game in the current home run, for the US team icing on the cake.
The ball is anchored: “Posey left the field and flew out.”
The US team today (March 13) voted excellent, in the starting pitcher Duffy’s leadership, 5 pitchers only played four hits, together soared 15 times the strikeout, write the classic single game up to three vibrant record, Plus the team 11 hitting the fire in series, but also to the end of the United States to 8-0 victory over Canada, the United States to 2 wins and 1 defeat record won the second group, into the 8 strong game.